Four Frames

Sound Company

Dolby Digital Mixing

Four Frames is well equipped with latest technology sound system to deliver a custom desired output.

  Crystal Palace - DTS and Dolby SR.D and EX film mixing theatre

  72 channel automated film mixing console

  True separate 5.1 discrete speaker configuration

  Sound Scape RED32 digital playback and recording

  One 42 channel automated 5.1 TV and film premix theatres

  Digital post sync dialogue and effects recording studios

  Large Foley/ADR stage with full screen image projection

  Sound design and editing studios with Sound Scape and 5.1 monitoring,35mm film and nonlinear video projection

  Vast sound effects library with non linear audition and access

  Dolby SR Noise Red. DS4E, Loudness Meter, CB65,SA10,DA20 and EX coder

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